Write an Inmate

Write an InmateIf you are looking to make a difference in a unique and truly impactful way, writing an inmate through inmate-connection is a great choice. Many inmates that are incarcerated live very isolated lives, and lose touch with the outside world in as quickly as 1-2 years. These inmates are given very little time to contact family and friends during their sentence, and oftentimes don’t have anyone to contact at all. When you choose to write an inmate, you are providing a beacon of hope in their dreary situation. You are helping them to form a positive relationship with someone on the outside, in a non judgemental and open environment. Writing an inmate allows both parties to share their perspectives and unique experiences with each other for their mutual benefit.

With your help, your prison pen pal will feel much more connected with the outside world and have an easier time reconnecting with society upon their release. Your kind words and support will keep them going, and keep them motivated knowing that there is someone on the outside that cares. Many participants who write an inmate find that they gain a unique perspective as well. It is fascinating and often heart-breaking to hear these inmate’s stories, and first hand accounts of their experience.

Get started and write an inmate today. Visit our database to filter inmates by gender, age, location and more. Then, read descriptions and introductions written by the inmates themselves and choose your perfect match. From there, send your introductory letter and begin your communication. You and your prison pen pal can talk about anything from updates, sharing stories, talking about your shared interests, anything at all! Write an inmate today and make a difference in your life and theirs.