Do you know somebody who is currently serving out their prison sentence? Do you wish to write them through our prison pen pal service? Now you can search for them by name with our alphabetical listings from Inmate-Connections. Our alphabetical listings search spans across multiple states so you can find inmates serving sentences in penitentiaries across the country. Select and write an inmate that is local to you, or anywhere in the United States. Our alphabetical listings search of pen pal candidates allows you to select your pen pal based on a photograph, their name, age, state they are currently serving their sentence in, and a profile page. This profile page includes information like their release date, what they were convicted of, and what type of connection they are looking to make. Their profile also includes a brief introduction written by the inmate themselves.

Browse through our alphabetical listings on inmates from around the country and choose which inmate aligns with you, and who you feel you could connect with as a pen pal.

Jeffrey Alberts
Age: 29
State: IL
John Anderson
Age: 32
State: IA
Otis Arrington
Age: 61
State: IL
Peter Atakpu
Age: 38
State: OH
Tahir Atkins
Age: 34
State: NY
Vincent Baiamonte
Age: 33
State: MN
Kentray Bailey
Age: 26
State: VA
Nathan Bernal
Age: 36
State: WA
Page 1: (Total: 102)

Read through the information provided by each inmate. Along with information regarding their sentence, you will also find heartfelt outreaches from inmates just looking for someone to talk to. A prison sentence is a lonely experience of isolation and uncertainty. Being constantly shut off from the outside world often begins to deteriorate one’s mental state - imagine being locked in a room with no one to talk to from the outside and no way to keep up with what is going on in a world that is progressing without you. When you write an inmate from our alphabetical listing, you will be making a genuine connection with this person, and providing them with exactly what they need to carry on. Whether you simply talk about common interests, provide words of encouragement, or make a deeper connection on topics of religion or philosophy, your compassion will be greatly appreciated.

Your letters of encouragement are a beacon of hope, and will give these inmates something to look forward to. As humans, we are all social creatures after all. Before long, it is not uncommon that these inmates will lose contact with any family or friends on the outside, and lose all sense of engagement with anyone who is outside of prison. Your letter is a window to the outside. Send a letter full of love and compassion to illuminate the dark world of prison. Tell them all about your day to day life and keep them connected with what is going on outside. Prisoner pen pal services are shown to help improve prisoner’s mental health, and aid in their rehabilitation and transition back into society.

Reach out to someone in our alphabetical listings database today. Writing an inmate with Inmate-Connections is completely cost free! The only thing you will pay for is the postage to get the letter there. These prisoners are behind bars, but still have hearts and require companionship just like, if not even more than anyone else. Make a difference in an inmate’s life and make a connection through our alphabetical listings today.