Prison Pen Pals

Prison Pen PalsHave you ever thought you could make a difference to an inmate in need? At Inmate-Connection, our goal is to help you form a meaningful connection with an inmates all over the country and all over the world through our prison pen pal service. The United States harbors thousands of inmates alone, and many of these lonely inmates are simply looking for companionship while serving out the remainder of their sentences. Isolation can have serious side effects on a person’s mental health. Prisons are forced to live each day behind dull and dreary walls, with very little contact with the outside world. Often times, the inmate’s communication with their own family is limited, if existent at all. The companionship created by our prison pen pals service is to inspire hope, show compassion for these inmates, and to leave a long lasting and impactful connection for both you and your prison pen pal.

Show Them That You Care

With very little contact with the outside world, maybe you want to write an inmate and keep them informed with the ever changing modern world. You may want to write your prison pen pal to bring them joy and to give them something to look forward to. Rest assured that your contribution will be cherished by your prison pen pal. Remember, that these inmates have emotions too, and nobody deserves to be isolated. Having a caring companion to talk with and share their experience with will be a crucial part of the rehabilitation process. Staying in tune with the outside world, and having a positive relationship while in prison will help them to re-enter society as a more responsible and compassionate member when their sentence is over.

What Can I Get From This

Many participants in our prison pen pal service report it as an eye-opening experience for them as well. They were given the unique perspective of a person behind bars and an opportunity to hear their story from them, rather than a retelling from some news article. Hearing their moving and often heart-breaking stories directly from their perspective is an experience like no other, and a great way to connect with someone in their time of need and make a difference.

Our pen pal service is completely free, and will help you make a difference in the life of a complete stranger, or be the bridge to help you connect with a loved one, friend, or relative. Simply fill out our pen pal application form and forward it to them by U.S. mail. From there, the only cost to you is postage! Start a new friendship you may have never thought you would have, get started and write an inmate with our pen pal service today!