Name: Zak Aitelcadi
Inmate I.D.: #1579348
Gender: Male
Race: Other
DOB: 1/21/1990
In Search Of: Females
Convicted Of: Agg. Robbery
Release Date: 6/12/2022

Zak Aitelcadi #1579348
French Robertson Unit
12071 FM 3522
Abilene, TX 79601

Hello world,
My name is Zak. I've been debating on going on a pen pal site for little minute now. With nothing time on my hands, I said why not? It's gonna be a little difficult to describe myself in a thousand words let alone 300 or 400 but bear with me. Going to give you basics and let you decide. Prison has been an experience; maybe a blessing in disguise because the way I was running the street, the other option was a loss of life. I was born in Morocco, Marrakech in North Africa. In 1990 I came to America. A couple months after being born in Cleveland Ohio, then moved to Dallas, Texas where I've been ever since. I love music; specifically Rap and R&B and I recently started listening to little Country. I left work out and read anything to keep my mind focused on positivity and what really matters. I love tattoo art as you can tell from the picture. I've got the ambition and drive of someone who's wasted a lot of time in his own way. I know some of y'all reading this can relate to being stuck in their own way between themselves and what they want to accomplish or achieve but it's all good, I'm not perfect. Everything in life is a work in progress. Nothing worth having ever comes easy or cheap.

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