Name: Winslow Thornton
Inmate I.D.: #1617468
Gender: Male
Race: Mixed
DOB: 1/4/1967
In Search Of: Females
Convicted Of: Assault
Release Date: 2043

Winslow Thornton #1617468
Maury Corr. Inst.
P.O. Box 506
Maury, NC 28554

I believe versatility and diversity are essential to preventing yourself as a well cultivated, productive person. I'd like to correspond with a woman who knows and understands her worth; who enjoy the art, literature, theology, movies, sports etc. Who understands time is free but also priceless. A woman who is motivated and inspired by her own internalized definition of value and not that of a society gone crazy seeking affirmation through likes on social media. She displays her strength in her ability to perform the necessary interest section, and then responds to any adversity and not react. A God centered woman who invokes love, joy, peace of the father and shines like the brightest star on the darkest night. A woman who can accentuate the positive and laugh in the face of adversity. Laughter can so often be nutrition and nourishment for our soul. If I were to describe myself, I'd say I just did. Question? Do you enjoy a PB&J sandwich? Do you prepare it on separate slices or one slice? Does it taste different either way? Answer this riddle and I'll know all I ever need to know about you. Blessings and prosperity to you my lovely friend and sistah.

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