Name: Thomas Goodman
Inmate I.D.: #1008318
Gender: Male
Race: African American
DOB: 4/24/1967
In Search Of: Legal Help
Convicted Of: Robbery, Rape, Abduction
Release Date: 2044

Thomas Goodman #1008318
Red Onion State Prison
P.O. Box 1900
Pound, VA 24279

My name is Thomas Lorenza Goodman. I was wrongfully convicted of robbery, rape, sodomy and abduction in 1985 even though the victim in question admitted that she couldn't say I was the person that assaulted her. For clarity, I am also submitting a copy of the certificate of analysis from my case that, wait for it... Wasn't presented at my trial for my defense to show my innocence! Nor did my White, male, court appointed Attorney filed a motion for its discovery. If my Attorney had done his job by filing a motion for it, and not tell me to take a trial by Judge or if the Commonwealth Attorney had done his job in good faith and turned it over as exculpatory evidence, I wouldn't have spent the past 36 years in prison for crimes I didn't commit. I am aware of what the WNBA Superstar Maya Moore sacrificed to help free wrongfully convicted Jonathan Irons. Now I pray I can be as fortunate as he is. I've had to suffer the passing of my father 2014, then my mother in 2016. So at this point, I'm seeking a chance to prove my innocence and enjoy life as an adult. Be blessed. I'm also open to friendship; females or males. I am heterosexual, 54 years old, black male. I am an avid reader I am a budding poet and I'm writing my first book. I love kids even though I have yet to be blessed with any. This has been hard on me but I am a strong person which I credit to my paternal grandmother, my mother and father. I am a God-fearing man but I don't hold any one religion but my love of God. I pray someone will see this and take up my fight for justice. I can also be contacted on
Thomas Goodman.

Unpainted picture
If I was an unpainted picture with the potential to be
would you still love me, feel me, want me to be
your son, your brother or daughter?
Don't blink because this shit getting started.
Got turned down for parole 9/22/2005
Niggas yelling out "Yo! Heavy you still alive?"
Shit blurry, feeling leary
Knife at your - now this shit done got serious.
But I got to fall back and give this shit a rest.
I want to see another day when I can lay my head on my mother's breast
A nigga need a joint and a buck.
Can't lean back, roll over or fuck.
Now you tell me what's real
The eyes you look into or the steel I feel
No love, no mail; shit's in the wind
Do I breathe in? Breathe out, give up and they win.
Now you see the deal
no parole, dead souls
Mommas crying the blues.
Guys are lying back dying slow
I'm grand mama prayers still aren't coming true.

Doing a bid for a white woman I never met
Nightmare on Elm St.
Nigga you catch that?
Lockdown 23 hours a day
they Mobb Deep
can't get away, Nigga do as I say.
Yo! Shit is crazy but to the Lord I pray
they got my sons and daughters on snooze
Yo, if I fight back you lose.
A father can't even tickle his little girl's brown toes
just to see her giggle
turning her daddy into a killer
Spitting in my food
letting their dogs taste my beautiful black skin
can't run to you; I can't win
no freedom, can't breathe
40 blows to my head
Is the nigga dead?
Me on my neck, no check that
Momma they are on the make
Momma got you praying for every take.

another day in this human race
disgraced on a bogus case
60 years my life
kill me now or die by the knife
what you do is what you get
you did me so you gonna get it
I got nothing to lose, you done ruined my life
Nah, I don't want your money or your white wife
Give back what you took
see, it's here in the good book
Eye for an eye
now you want to cry for your mama
been there done that
Call that bitch Karma

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