Name: Francisco Guzman
Inmate I.D.: #BJ3104
Gender: Male
Race: Hispanic
DOB: 11/9/1986
In Search Of: Friends
Convicted Of: Unknown
Release Date: Unknown

Francisco Guzman #BJ3104
CSP A1-240
P.O. Box 5004
Calipatria, CA 92233

Hi, I'm Francisco, 5'10", 200 pounds and am 34 years old from Los Angeles, CA. My hobbies include reading, writing, working out and cooking. I am very easy going, open-minded, well-traveled, family oriented and huge animal lover. I'm a communicative person and optimist. I also love making people laugh. I'm currently incarcerated but with the will of God, I will be home one day soon. I'm a blessed person who has learned from his mistakes of the past. I'm a very social, adventurous, amiable and know how to hold a conversation of substance. I am a very spiritual person and love children but I have none of my own. I value friendship and place loyalty above or in high regard. I'm seeking a genuine friendship. Believe me, when you get to know me, you'll see that I am a very exciting and interesting person. I've been around the world and around the block; I see the pretty things and ugly things of life so if you're out there and you want to get to know me on a different level, just contact me at my address above. I would love to get to know you. If you want to see more pictures of me, go to Facebook (Francisco Guzman) and Instagram (Paco4You2). the quickest way to contact me is by writing to me directly. I promise to answer all letters. All are encouraged to write, no matter what age, creed or gender.
Francisco Guzman

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