Name: Justin Garrett
Inmate I.D.: #885105
Gender: Male
Race: African American
DOB: 8/15/1985
In Search Of: Friends
Convicted Of: Assault
Release Date: 3/30/2024

Justin Garrett #885105
191 Constantine Way
Aberdeen, WA 98520

A great person can come from any walk of life; wouldn't you agree? Only by searching and mining can one find gold, diamond and a person of immeasurable worth to build a genuine friendship with. Most who rush to assume are slow to understand and quick to tear down. Who hasn't been a victim of circumstance? No one is exempt from the trials and tribulations in life. It's all about finding someone who understands; that makes it all worth it. Yes, I'm optimistic, you will be surprised at who you will meet when you have an open mind. Driven, hard-working, humble and honest are words that people have used to describe me. The maturity I exemplify far beyond 35 years I've existed. I maintain a healthy diet of academics and body work. My hunger for knowledge is insatiable and books serve as my passport to travel abroad. I appreciate meeting people from all places regardless of their appearance, residence or background. Friends don't have to be present to be close! Utilize this opportunity to introduce yourself without letting indecision interfere with us meeting. Reach out to me via email or postal mail. My physical address has been provided. Contact me directly by email through or use my link
My name and DOC number is required and I look forward to corresponding by email or letter. I hope you have a peaceful and constructive day!

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