Name: Larry Thomas
Inmate I.D.: #H79847
Gender: Male
Race: African American
DOB: 11/1/1962
In Search Of: Legal Help
Convicted Of: Firearm possession
Release Date: Unknown

Larry Thomas #H79847
SATF-SP C6-119
P.O. Box 5246
Corcoran, CA 93212

Specifically via this personal home page, I seek to garner the necessary exposure of my being wrongfully convicted and falsely imprisoned; and only by exposure; but I draw the appropriate focus and attention to my unfortunate legal situation. As .stated; my name is Larry Donnell Thomas; and I'm now a 56 years old African-American man whom has resided in domicile within the California Department Of Corrections And Rehabilitation; for the past 27 years; as the proximate end result of my being wrongfully convicted. I was convicted of "Deliberate First Degree Premeditated Murder; Ex-Felon in Possession Of A Firearm; and Shooting At An Occupied Motor Vehicle". However; what I did was defend myself from a violent situation and/or circumstance by shooting an armed 18 years old gang member in self-defense after he'd drawn his gun on me; aimed it at my head and both physically and verbally threatened to take my life. My defense to the above noted charges at trial was obviously perfect self-defense (justifiable homicide). In a greatly condensed version of what transpired at my jury trial; I was subjected to ineffective assistance by trial counsel. I was subjected to judicial bias; in that the jury wasn't properly instructed by the court on the relevant laws for their understanding, and ultimately I was subjected to numerous separate and distinct instances of prosecutorial misconduct by an overzealous prosecutor, in that relevant evidence (brady materials) wasn't presented to the jury for their consideration in evaluating the evidence by the prosecutor, irrespective of the fact that he (the prosecutor) had an legal obligation to apprise the jury of the undisclosed evidence. Then due to ineffective assistance on my motion for a new trial, and ineffective assistance on direct appeal by privately retained appellate counsel, my efforts to vindicate myself on appeal were squandered and fault is imputed to me. In any event; I've clearly been denied a panoply of constitutional protections which resulted in my conviction, yet I'm actually innocent of the alleged crimes that I now stand convicted of. This being the situation, I seek any and all legal assistance, advocacy, and potential representation to redress my wrongful conviction. In closing, I'd like to thank all those whom spend their precious time viewing my personal home page, for your patience, and the hopeful understanding of my legal plight herewith...

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