Name: Kentray Bailey
Inmate I.D.: #1464035
Gender: Male
Race: African American
DOB: 10/14/1992
In Search Of: Females
Convicted Of: Robbery, Abduction
Release Date: 2068

Kentray Bailey #1464035
Red Onion State Prison
P.O. Box 970
Pound, VA 24279

What sparked my interest is a beautiful mind; there's everything else pretty much falls into place. Most people get too caught up on the physical attributes as if a person's good looks can somehow sustain us through the hard times. I'm more concerned with what's going on upstairs. Is she the kind of woman who can walk right by a homeless beggar without a care in the world, or is she so in tune with her sense of humanity that another's pain becomes her own? Because the only one of these women are the kind of woman that I can see myself building a foundation with. Friendships are beautiful and that's what I'm seeking at the moment. Someone who won't use my imperfections as an excuse to run when things turn serious. If this person is you, contact me by writing to the address listed. I look forward to meeting you.

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