Name: Carl Smith
Inmate I.D.: #05585-087
Gender: Male
Race: African American
DOB: 9/6/1984
In Search Of: Friends
Convicted Of: Firearm transport
Release Date: 9/17/2025

Carl Smith #05585-087
P.O. Box 900
Ray Brook, NY 12977

Hello Potential new friends,

I heard Inmate-Connection is the best place to meet people in my circumstances so here I go. I'm in search for a new friendship; my number one building block is honesty. Then "Trust is earned, love is shown, and loyalty is proven". If I can be brief, what I'm attracted to is not a particular look age or race . I'm more into the qualities and characteristics. I don't look for the most beautiful person, but someone that makes my world more beautiful. I'm very ambitious and love to share constructive energy. Friendship to me is being each others strengths in areas needed. There's always going to be areas where one is lacking and the other stronger that's the blessing of two is better then one. I naturally bring the best out of people around me. Although I've had a dysfunctional childhood, lost of both parents at a young age, lost of my only close sibling and grandmother that raised me, I'm still grateful and optimistic of having friends that I can consider family. I believe in the universal laws of attraction so I'm eager to see who will cross my path and how can I make it a pleasurable experience. After all, I'm more into what I can give then what I can receive because with laws of life, you get what you put out there. As long as I can find ways to make someone happy, I believe I will be happy and get the blessing back. I never want more than I'm willing to give, unlike many that are so worried about what people can do for them. I still have lots of self worth and can be of worth to others. Just for being non-judgmental and optimistic, I'll always find creative ways to keep a smile on the face of who gives me a chance. I love animals, cars, a little fashion, comedies, good movies and sharing laughter. I'm very strong on Geography; I have great common knowledge on all states in the U.S. and nations around the world. Even though I'm incarcerated, I've raised fundraisers for natural disaster victims and also have help fund programs for youths at risk. I also instruct economic/ stock trading classes, my passion and field of study is trading in the market. I hope I find a good friend who is non-judgmental. The Government does a good job of making some of us look like we are people we're not. If you give me the chance, one thing I can promise is high quality friendship. Thanks for your time,


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