Name: Ray Torres
Inmate I.D.: #J-12613
Gender: Male
Race: Hispanic
DOB: 5/21/1975
In Search Of: Friends
Convicted Of: Robbery
Release Date: 2052

Ray Torres #J-12613
CSP D3-223
P.O. Box 5007
Calipatria, CA 92233

I hope you're on this website searching for a friendship or more. Let me know because I'm down for either one. I'm on this in high hopes, with my fingers crossed, you find me interesting enough to spend time to write and believe me, I got plenty of time to share; maybe too much for you to handle. Share your days with me; the outside world has changed so much. I like to hear how you see it nowadays. I've been locked away 17 years so maybe this could be our year; 'Good Times' one to remember. The future is all I look forward to; see what the day brings me and hoping your introduction right about now. I live day by day; not a big planner, and not much to look forward to. I'm using a lot of my time to better myself mentally and physically. It took me a lot of years to figure that out and I'm still learning from all my mistakes. To keep busy; it's all the same. Prison activities; you can ask any questions; I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of. I want to thank you for reading this far. Enjoy the remainder of your day.

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