Name: Marcell Cobb
Inmate I.D.: #319505
Gender: Male
Race: African American
DOB: 5/29/1994
In Search Of: Friends
Convicted Of: Armed Robbery/Manslaughter
Release Date: 9/11/2024

Marcell Cobb #319505
ASPC Safford/Tonto 2D-17
896 S. Cook Rd
Safford, AZ 85546

Hi world!
First of all, I would like to say I am in search of some amazing friends of all walks of life and areas. Seeking friendship on a best friend level and I can't wait to meet you and build on it as we get to know each other. My hobbies are sports, exercising, reading, writing and music. I am an artist I am an author/writer; I am a musician, songwriter, performer and engineer. Aspiring music executive and just a lover of the industry. I love life and I appreciate the intricacies of it. I do not believe in coincidence; I believe everything happens for a reason, even the minute things. Maybe one day we could discuss my philosophy on life and the more deeper, spiritual aspects of it. I do not have a specific type of preference of a friend; age and race are unimportant but I desire loyalty and honesty and I will show you the same. I do not have children but I see some in the future. Can't wait to hear from you. So may God bless you all and have a wonderful day.

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