Name: Steve Hoffstetter
Inmate I.D.: #N77924
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
DOB: 9/24/1958
In Search Of: Friends
Convicted Of: Robbery, Home Invasion, Murder
Release Date: Life Sentence

Steve Hoffstetter #N77924
P.O. Box 1000
Menard, IL 62259

Valued Friend,
Not to set forth deception but the photo is a professional. My prison photo will never get me a happy camper award. He on the other hand, have peace of mind along with dressed well and looks like he needs a friend; not a needed smile like me. I have ample time to answer the most lonesome to the inquisitive. At some point, a lot of us are in some type of isolation. I always have my ideal but would rather give respect and listen to others. I feel that is a way to wisdom and not pride. Where are you from? Do you get a chance to get out and move around? How is your music outline? Does TV play a part in your life? Do you have any pets? What would it take to make you smile? I would answer any of your questions in full. To contact me, please go to
My tablet is limited and I cannot predict lag time. Only I will reply. May you always be happy with positive thoughts.

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