Name: Jennifer Rose
Inmate I.D.: #E23852
Gender: Female
Race: Mixed
DOB: 10/6/1969
In Search Of: Friends
Convicted Of: Weapon possession/Assault
Release Date: 7/2025

Jennifer Rose #E23852
SVSP D4-221
P.O. Box 1050
Soledad, CA 93960

Greetings from behind the razor wire fences and concrete walls of the Salinas Valley state prison (on slave plantation P.O.W. Camp), in so-called California. My name is Jennifer and I'm a white identified part-Native/Cherokee, two spirit, transwoman. I was born and raised in Southern California, was a punk rocker in the early 80's and have been incarcerated for over 30 years now. While I was initially sent to prison for armed robberies, I became politicized during the 1991 Folsom prison strike and a decade of long-term solitary confinement at Folsom and Pelican Bay SHU, where I experience brutality and torture, engaged in prison protest barricading and sabotaging the prison cells and was forced to participate in gladiator fights, while being shot at with H&K 94 rifles. I was given multiple 25 years to life sentences for a weapon possession and assault on two public officials, while resisting captivity and attempting to escape from the courthouse. I'm a jailhouse lawyer, college undergrad, paralegal student and an anarchist prisoner who co-founded the FineAnt Collective. I'm eligible for early parole for the above non-serious felonies and my next BPH review is in July 2025. I hope to be released and attend San Francisco State University. For now, I continue to be involved in several pro-social community-based organizations such as Initiate Justice and TGI Justice Project. I was granted a writing mentorship by Empowerment Avenue and Prison Renaissance project.

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