Name: Damron Laycox
Inmate I.D.: #551582
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
DOB: 4/28/1989
In Search Of: Friends
Convicted Of: Possession of Controlled Substance
Release Date: 4/3/2023

Damron Laycox #551582
East AR Max Unit
P.O. Box 970
Marianna, AR 72360

My name is Damrom Laycox. I'm 31, from Wynne, AR. I have no kids and I'm not currently married. I like fishing for bass, being outdoors, cars, clothes and watches, music and talking about business opportunities. So if there are any entrepreneurs out there, I have a real interest in starting a business are getting into logistics. I'm trying to find people who will keep honest conversations and pass the time. I write poems of all kinds and will add a few here. Also, the page limit is one page front and back and then another front so please don't go over. Thank you.

These are the days when we are able to look back. Having remembrances of past tenses. Given lost lives and friendship only second glimpses. Taking this understanding from our childhood and turning them into transferences. Giving memories and thoughts space for growth because from this vigilantly we go forward towards new beginnings. Breaking new grounds and good riddance to the ridicule from nefarious outsiders. Moving with rewarding purpose knowing that being solicitous in my ways is the only soluble solution. Sensational understanding giving me the ability to have separability from these nefarious outsiders and reaching forward. Keeping track of my well-being facing this unrelenting, unforgettable experience that is transforming my life before my very eyes. Hoping that stabilization of my future does not go completely stagnant for surely I should not stall for my stamina is willing. For I have nothing to lose and all to gain from this, if I should be the successful tenant I must overcome this tension that terrorizes my thoughts on a daily basis.

"Night Lights"
The light is close but yet so far when you are at the bottom and are looking at the stars. Closing my eyes makes for better dreams at least when I'm there, it's better than what this seems. Hearing your voice at night never goes away, telling me it's going to be okay and to never go astray. Not knowing I'll never make it out of this hole and realizing the stars are your unclaimed soul. Taking in the truth of the matter because when you left my world completely shattered. Telling myself that it will get better soon but now all I am seeing is your unclaimed soul and the undying moon. Lost in this world of the unforgiving all the while you float above me shining with eternal living. Never quite understanding just where to start until one night we take a look up and wish upon a star.

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