Name: Antwaun Gilden
Inmate I.D.: #10392-032
Gender: Male
Race: African American
DOB: 1/19/1976
In Search Of: Females
Convicted Of: Probation Violation
Release Date: 5/2023

Antwaun Gilden #10392-032
P.O. Box 1000
Cumberland, MD 21501

Hello. With my greatest expression of gratitude, aka my most open-minded positive attitude! Hey I'm looking for a genuine but down-to-earth woman, lady, girlfriend of any race, nationality, color or creed. With all due respect to the sex that compliments human being / the woman's aka queen's natural ability of being the master of emotions! By the way, my name is Antwaun Montai Gilden, but to that preferred well-figured; meaning plus size, aka BBW or shapely pretty lady of any race, Spanish, White, Black, Asian, Samoan, Tall WNBA type, definitely college softball girl type and not excluding or to leave out little women aka little people type; to whom who chooses you can me POOH from Cincinnati, Ohio. I am 45, Cherokee Indian and black, very fit athletic build, well-preserved and I just at a very confident realization point in life where I am very receptive to a woman's contribution and position in life. I am in on a federal violation. I was shot by police in 2005. (I am OK and we'll talk). I am finishing up the time, then I'm free; pardon but I dealt in drugs in the past but I've since outgrown it and I have to say I do everything else right and I definitely have- understood that this is the "time" of "empowering" the "woman", "man's total completion" and I'm with it!

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