Name: Jonathan Avila
Inmate I.D.: #AB3429
Gender: Male
Race: Hispanic
DOB: 1/15/1988
In Search Of: Friends
Convicted Of: 1st Degree Murder
Release Date: 81 years to Life

Jonathan Avila #AB3429
CSP A1-202
P.O. Box 5004
Calipatria, CA 92233

Congratulations on your search! You made a great choice in viewing my profile. I am not seeking any romance or hookups; just platonic conversation and someone for friendly banter. I have a great sense of humor along with good communication skills that will grant you no boring letters. I've been in prison 15 years now with a long sentence still ahead of me. I'm interested in corresponding with someone who's seeking a long-term friendship and who can keep me updated with the outside world. I enjoy learning new things so reading is a big interest of mine, along with playing and listening to music. I also enjoy drawing and writing a lot. I've earned my GED here along with attending college, law school, self-help and creative writing classes. I'm a diligent worker fighting hard for my freedom through a commutation, to accomplish my long list of goals upon my release. Other than handsome and attractive, I am upbeat, open-minded and many say 'funny' but you can be the judge of that. My facility doesn't allow outgoing emails but I CAN RECIEVE EMAILS through Please include your mailing address in your first email so I may respond and get the good times going. Take care and write me soon!

"My fears"
I fear isolation but yet I fear to be free.
If fear to be lonely , yet I fear company.
I fear dying and I also fear to live cause I fear of being judged for all the things I did.
I fear to dream cause I fear to awake back to a cold reality in this very fearful place.
I fear to hope, cause then I must expect to keep on living and making more regrets!!!

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