Name: Taray Morris
Inmate I.D.: #J-62077
Gender: Male
Race: African American
DOB: 11/16/1976
In Search Of: Females
Convicted Of: Murder
Release Date: Lifer

Taray Morris #J-62077
PBSP B3-114
P.O. Box 7500
Crescent City, CA 95532

Hello and how are you doing? It's me that chocolate covered Scorpio that your heart, mind and body has been yearning for physically and mentally! No need to worry anymore. I'm here to stimulate your heart, mind and body in many different ways. Talk to me; I'll talk back. Tell me a little about yourself so I can have some kind of concept of the type of woman I'm dealing with. I was born and raised in Compton, California and am better known as Kelly Troub. I'm 5'6", 185 pounds of hard muscle. I know you see me but the question is can you see yourself wrapped up in my arms? Smile. I work out 4 to 5 days a week on the regular to stay fit and keep my mind right; this is my fountain of youth! Yes, I'm 44 years old. Did I tell you I'm exciting, spontaneous, versatile, street smart and educated. While locked up, I earned my GED and am currently enrolled in the College of Redwood pursuing my AA degree. I've completed Defy Ventures with honors. I am an entrepreneur and training and job ready once I'm free. I can write a cover letter and resume once needed. I also have a business certificate of career readiness from Baylor University. There is nothing ordinary about me. I am an alpha male; the one that takes control of any situation and moves the crowd if needed. I'm about that life 100%. I'm a go-getter. I strive for the things I want in life with enthusiasm. Can't stop; won't-stop! As for what I've been held against my will these past 20 years (SMMFH), I did not do but have remained loyal by keeping my mouth shut because I'm a real one cut from the cloth. Life is about taking chances; it's up to you to connect us. You hold the key to your happiness. I'm not saying am an angel because I'm far from it but I do know how to treat and love my woman. Communication is the key; we can figure it out together. Holla at me I don't bite LOL. Your fastest way to reach me is through mail and I'll receive your letter the next day. Send your address or PO Box number so I can respond. For us to have any type of verbal communication, you have to minutes on your cell phone through Global Tel Link 1-888-415-0377 and make it happen. Enjoy the rest of your day or night. Better days ahead!

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