Name: Victor Calles
Inmate I.D.: #75541004
Gender: Male
Race: Hispanic
DOB: 4/15/1983
In Search Of: Females
Convicted Of: Auto Theft
Release Date: 2021

Victor Calles #75541004
Butner Med. Security
P.O. Box 1500
Butner, NC 27509

My name is Victor and I'm from El Salvador. I am looking for someone to talk to in Spanish. Have been very lonely and am just seeking a friendship. I am a religious man and I have had a very difficult life but I'm still a good man and I have many good qualities. I am caring and honest and hard working. I haven't had any visitors in the last 10 years and just in need of conversation. You cannot imagine how thrilling it would be for me to find someone to talk with and get to know. The person that is willing to talk to me will change my life forever. It may seem like a small thing but for me, it means the world. I will be so grateful to have a female pen pal.

Thank you so much.


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