Name: Tyler Roach
Inmate I.D.: #265246
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
DOB: 4/12/1991
In Search Of: Males
Convicted Of: Burglary II
Release Date: 2028

Tyler Roach #265246
3001 W. Hwy 146
LaGrange, KY 40032

Hey y’all,
I’m Tyler but most people call me Skittles. I’m a small town country boy from Western Kentucky. I’m easy-going, kind and gentle. I have had a lot of heartache during my life and I’m looking for a guy who will treat me right and be there for me no matter what. Age is not an issue with me; it’s what’s in the heart that counts. I realized I was gay when I was about 15 years old but I didn’t finally come out until I was 21. It’s not easy being gay in a small town nor is it easy being gay in prison. My max serve out date is July 2028 but I go up for parole again November 2017. Hopefully I will make it. Well, anymore questions, just ask.
God Bless,
Tyler Roach.

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