Name: Hector Gonzalez
Inmate I.D.: #AK6434
Gender: Male
Race: Hispanic
DOB: 9/6/1985
In Search Of: Friends
Convicted Of: Conspiracy
Release Date: 8/22/2021

Hector Gonzalez #AK6434
CSP 3C05-124up
P.O. Box 3471
Corcoran, CA 93212

So straightforward and in a nutshell. I'm looking for someone that will go out of their way for me. I'm a grateful and appreciative type so I seek for myself someone that would do for me what (if circumstances were reversed) I'd do for them. Now don't get me wrong; I'm taking all donations; I don't discriminate. I'm here for your convenience; you want to laugh, I can clown. You want to vent? I'll be your tissue box and/punching bag. If you're just curious to get to know your future man, my life's a story to tell no secrets. For you I'm an open book so creepy or sell to something that has potential to be life-changing and long-lasting. That'll be me; write me directly for a quick reply at the prison address shown. It's been a pleasure. Like you, there is no other. Enjoy your day/or night. A picture of you would be nice.

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