Name: Steven Marshall
Inmate I.D.: #1602234
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
DOB: 2/28/1978
In Search Of: Friends
Convicted Of: Larceny/Copper theft
Release Date: 10/15/2018

Steven Marshall #1602234
Suffolk County HOC
20 Bradston St.
Boston, MA 02118

Well I must have passed the picture check. I'm a positive person and I try not to be negative; that's too easy. I have no problem fitting into any crowd; it's a positive skill. I try to stay laughing and positive. I take responsibility for what I did and I also agree with the punishment. I'm a hard worker and have never been fired. I had the same construction job for 12 years; I love building. I like new ideas & different ways to look at things. I avoid people/groups who assume they know everything. I enjoy camping, fishing and boating. I'm interested in finding the right dog. I look forward to getting mail and answering it. I'm not the best speller but I'll always write back. I have a supportive family and two great daughters. I plan on looking into schooling and other programs. I'm really down-to-earth. I'd be great to bounce ideas off of. Things I enjoy are amusement parks, all outdoor events, water events and doing new things. I have a desire to make up for this lost time. My goal is to make this a negative into a positive and get something out of this; everyone wins. I am a positive, creative, open-minded person.

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