Name: Carlos Roman
Inmate I.D.: #1330366
Gender: Male
Race: Hispanic
DOB: 3/17/1980
In Search Of: Friends
Convicted Of: Agg. Robbery
Release Date: 10/2018

Carlos Roman #1330366
Bill Clements Unit
9601 Spur 591
Amarillo, TX 79107

Hi! I'm Carlos. Don't let the picture mislead you. I'm such a Teddy Brindle GRRR! You see? That's all I got. Not scary is it? Anyhow, I'm looking for buddies to kick dust with. I'm laid back, have a great sense of humor, and (like all not very good-looking guys), a great personality. Although it may be hard to tell with such limited word space. I'm kinda like a scratch n sniff sticker, you gotta scratch me a couple times to get a good sniff. Go ahead! I promise I don't stink! I take a shower twice a month, whether I need it or not! Ha ha. I pass time by reading, writing, exercising and finger painting. I used to love coloring, but they quit giving them to me because I had a habit of chewing on them. Having some burnt orange crayola stuck between your teeth tends to freak some people out. I don't know why; they're non-toxic. Well, I'm running out of words. I don't know about you, I had a pretty good time. Thank you! I hope to hear back from somebody. Not to sound desperate or anything, but I'm kinda lonely. I just rub some people the wrong way - I guess. Go figure. Bye!

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