Inmate Pen Pals Online

Inmate Pen Pals OnlineInmate-Connections makes it easier than ever to make a meaningful connection with someone who is serving a prison sentence. Our prison pen pals service allows you to connect with inmate pen pals online using our extensive database. Filter your search to connect with either male or female prisoners, then, look through an extensive list of inmates looking to connect. Whether you are looking to form a new friendship, be a companion, mentor, or looking for something more, each inmate’s online pen pal profile shares a wealth of information.

Find your perfect match by seeing what their interested in looking for, as well as a photo and a brief introduction written by them. Our inmate pen pals online program will even show you their date of birth, what they are convicted of, and their date of release. With all of this information at your fingertips, you can begin a meaningful connection with your inmate pen pal online. Once you have chosen who you would like to write to, simply send your introductory letter to the address on your inmate pen pal’s online profile. As a courtesy, you may send over this introductory letter via email. Please note that inmates do not have access to a computer, and will note be able to reply back to this email. Your introductory email must contain your mailing address so that your prison pen pal can reply, otherwise, your email will be disregarded.

Find your perfect inmate pen pal online using Inmate-Connection’s online database. Immediately establish a connection based on similarities, shared experiences, shared interests, and more! Your generous and kind hearted companionship has the power to transform the lives, and brighten the experience of inmates, especially those serving longer sentences. Get started by finding your inmate pen pal online today!