If you would like us to forward your email message,
  1. For the fastest and most private correspondence, WRITE DIRECTLY to the inmate at the address on his or her web page. Messages containing address only, one and two-liners will be deleted. This email service is proving to be costly for us and we prefer to forward messages with substance. Write to the inmates directly wherever possible.

  2. Your e-mail message MUST include your return postal mailing address. Any e-mail that does not contain a return address will be deleted. Your e-mail should be text only and cannot contain photos, graphics and/or attachments or sexually explicit language.

  3. Inmates do not have access to a computer and cannot reply via e-mail.

  4. Because of our advertising campaigns, we cannot keep up with the hundreds of email messages that we get daily. As a result, we have to limit the email service and messages to multiple inmates will be deleted. However, you can always WRITE DIRECTLY to ALL the inmates on the site if you wish!!!

  5. Inmates appreciate your e-mail messages; however, they treasure a handwritten or typed letter.

  6. You may send one e-mail message as a means of initial contact; we cannot provide ongoing forwarding. Again, we urge you to write to the inmates directly.

  7. Your email message will NOT be forwarded if it contains your address only, one or two-lines of text. This does not show any real interest in writing to an inmate. Mail that information to the inmate directly at their address.

  8. Your email address is for us to communicate with you regarding your message to the inmate if we have to. We will not use your email address otherwise or to send you unsolicited email. If you provide a false email address, you will not hear from us regarding your message. Please DO NOT include www. with your email address.

  9. The email service is for the inmates listed on this site to meet NEW people, NOT for family and friends they already know. Messages from family and friends will not be forwarded.