Name: Derrick Webster
Inmate I.D.: #1155256
Gender: Male
Race: African American
DOB: 5/16/1965
In Search Of: Friends
Convicted Of: Assault
Release Date: Unknown

Derrick Webster #1155256
Michael Unit
2664 FM 2054
Tenn. Colony, TX 75886

Hello to all you beautiful people who truly care. I am an ugly 55-year-old man serving a 17 year sentence for assault. Besides child molestation, murder, rape and hurting a lady physically, I'm guilty of all of the charges. Although Jesus said "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone", we are all humans after all. By the way, Jesus' true name was Jescua Hammassiah. I am a spiritual person who enjoy the moment of life; the here and now and focusing on where I fit in this life but after spending half my life in this joint, it's a hell of a fit. Focusing on the moment of life, I have great control in functioning my mind in cherishing my well-being every day I'm able to wake up. The moments never leave me in doubt of reality in knowing that life is what it is concerning being down to earth to accept who I am of my nature in experiencing pain and pleasure. At this very moment I have a smile on my face, wondering who's reading my ad. Well, if you are a serial killer and you want to date me, you need to turn yourself in. The moments of my life that matter the most to me is taking charge of my mental ability in correcting my bad thought into positive thoughts, which creates a world of stress-free. I lost all my close family who matters therefore, unless you are half blind with arthritis, let's put our minds together to create our own paradise with this new world and order. Thank you for your time and concern.

A Constant Thought
Ward of the state; the date I wait to another fate I hate.
Constant control away you stroll from this month to the next week to the next days I await.
This system only blinded bent and corrupted money money, passion and power,
confiscated drug to be sold once again.
Behind bars all change in residency
Time unknown slowly sliding away
lost time never to be known
violated rights only to be justified
the real ones breaking them no,
the system, yes.
A lowlight flame steady burning never to be lost nor forgotten
talent soon lost,
Will to keep too often diminished
juveniles being tried as adults over a bad mistake
wanting to show change, denied disposition
considered bad to the world; short but precise.
This is what the world has me sometimes seeing, feeling and thinking and the process never ending.

More than just a Dance
Red room of roses and passion
My heart endures no greater pleasure than the lust of a dance.
Warm as an autumn bayou, your hips may move to the rhythm of time.
Like a pendulum swinging back and forth
as my eyes roam up and down
anticipating each touch of your fingertips to the base of my neck
the communiqué down my spine lingers like sugarcane to the tongue.
Honey glazed wonder on an oval floor
you decorate my space with constellation and my mind with rapture.
Your body remains transfixed in a scarlet aura
You touch with the passion of jasmine and wine
locked in your embrace,
relishing the gentle storm between your thighs
winding against my natural sensations
rising like heat, you cure the distance between dancing and eros.
I realize you in dreams, compromised with time
wondering if I will ever dance again anyone other than your shadow.

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