Name: Carl Smith
Inmate I.D.: #05585-087
Gender: Male
Race: African American
DOB: 9/6/1984
In Search Of: Friends
Convicted Of: Firearm transport
Release Date: 9/17/2025

Carl Smith #05585-087
P.O. Box 150160
Atlanta, GA 30315

If you're even reading this line that tells me you at least have a heart and thoughtful, so welcome :) I'm not on here to paint a perfect picture of my self, although I'm always told I'm a big bundle of loving qualities and characteristics. If you're not optimistic about the life I've lived and came from I'm not for you, because honestly I have lived a very high risk life this not a rap song or movie my life was real. I come from poverty and criminality that was handed down from my parents who both were convicted felons and who I both lost to the streets by the time I was 14, leaving me orphan to take care of me and my little sister who has also passed too. Yes I've robbed, stolen, have played a leading role in the National Bloods gang, yes I was involved in heavy gun violence, prostitution rings and high level drug trafficking but where I come from and what I've done doesn't make me who I am toady and where I'm going with my future. Sometimes I still feel like not being so constructive because of lack of love and family support but honestly my level of education is forcing a change in me rather it's my comfort zone or not as I understand a great deal of knowledge and history, life principles and morals a lot more now. I'm definitely an intellectual; I can go as far as you want I consider my self to be a full time student and scholar on many different subjects but I also can be more simple too. No I'm not just on here just cause I need someone to talk to that's not hard for me many people are willing to correspond, but its hard for me to find aid and assistances that I need considering my position in here is a leading role model and class instructor. Guys depend on me and I have limited to resources.. My agenda is in the open I need help but not just for the luxuries of foods clothes and electronics but for a better cause like powerful books and newspapers and things of that nature that can empower my future and change my release date, as I'm an avid stock trader and need tools to teach around here. This bio is not about intimacy because that's usually temporary. I want permanent friendship because in reality I have at least 6 years left which I also need help financially to make that guaranteed. I can generate funds myself in here with small honest hustles like foods and candy stock trading and other creative things. I just need a little push then I can afford to get my sentence corrected from 2030 to 2024 which is a guarantee once I can afford to get in court pay for the proper transcripts proving the judge said he would run 80 months concurrent with a 120 months but somehow I got sentenced with those sentence running outside of each other. I need a small team not a whole lot of people that don't know about each other sending me funds but real friendship where everything is out in the open. I'm running out of words but if I didn't run you away being by being real and honest, know its a lot more about me and everything I seek. I'm willing in return to give I actually find more joy in giving than receiving. I will always find a way to give back; I never want more than I'm willing to give myself. Write me or leave an e-mail and I'll send a request from CorrLinks ahead. CorrLinks is free for you but for me. Please be a little considerate. Rummy
T.E.A.M. Together Each Achieve More. Lets go 2018!!!!

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