Name: Keith Williams
Inmate I.D.: #FE2836
Gender: Male
Race: African American
DOB: 7/1/1985
In Search Of: Females
Convicted Of: Robbery
Release Date: 2008

Keith Williams #FE2836
SCI Fayette
Box 9999
LaBelle, PA 15450

Hey, whatís up? As for me, Iím just living my life. You never know what tomorrow may bring, but I always hope for the best. Anyway, Iím looking for a female friend who is open-minded and has at least an idea of what goals she wants to accomplish in life. I canít really ask that she be perfect, because itís quite obvious that Iím not an angel myself. However, I will ask that she be willing to possibly have a positive impact on my life. I label myself as an open-minded and down-to-earth type of person, so feel free to discuss or ask me anything. Iíll be sure to respond to the best of my ability.
Name: Keith Williams a.k.a. Jihad
Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA.
Height: 5í8Ē. Eyes: Dark brown.
Complexion: Mid Brown.

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