Name: Marcus McJimpson
Inmate I.D.: #E-72134
Gender: Male
Race: African American
In Search Of: Females
Convicted Of: Murder
Release Date: Life

Marcus McJimpson #E-72134
P.O. Box 5101
Delano, CA 93212

Thirsty Man
A lone man lost in a sea of the desert dunes, apparently for years with no food, water nor direction seems to be coming to gather my thoughts & mind wonders. Due to the lack of food & water, but always with the same vision of an opportunity to rise out of this life sentence. A shadow that not only deprives me of nourishments but holds any sign of life in a far distance that Iím barely able to glance, let alone have the opportunity for an introduction. So for now I deal with these long hot desert days & cold lonely nights which have made my thirst for life great & my fight for that cold drink of water a must. Every bone in my body aches from where this journey has & hasnít taken me. The years have left me alone & in search of finding that special someone who still believes in love & not afraid to work for it. On that note I continue my search for that oasis. Please join this thirsty man for a glass of man and letís share our thoughts & desires.

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